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Stair Information for Glass Sides

There is a maximum span for glass infill panels on stairs to comply with legislation and the principles of BS6180 and this recommends that balustrade infill panels should be limited to a length of around 1500 to 2000m, since the glass may appear to be rather flexible to the casual observer if the spans are longer than this and cause safety issues. 

Below is the Span table for Bolted Toughened Glass (mm)

                 UDL (kN-M2)          Point Load (kN)          10mm          12mm          15mm

                       0.5                                 0.25                    2150             2450             2900    Domestic

                       1.0                                   0.5                     1800             2050            2450     Light Comercial

                       1.5                                   1.5                     1200             1650             2050     Heavy Commercial

It is a different guideline for free standing protective barriers. Please ask for information.


There are many different kinds of timber. You need to ensure that the manufactured product is produced in the correct timber for your needs. 

See below for guidance:

Sapele: Used on windows and doors / Is a very porous timber therefore can be painted or stained. 

European Oak: Used on exterior work eg windows and doors / Stainable to can be left natural to be silver.

American White Oak & American White Ash: Used on interior work eg kitchen units, internal doors, skirting and architrave / Lacquered or stained. Not painted finish. 

Idigbo: Used both internally and externally on doors, windows and skirting boards etc / Stained, painted or lacquered.

Poplar (Tulip Wood): Close grained timber used on kitchen unit doors and various beads / Does not stain well, so needs to be painted. 

Iroko: Very resinous so ideally used on exterior work eg gates / Teaks oils or stainable. 

Natural Beech & Steamed Beech: Interior work. Good on furniture, stair spindles etc / Stainable and lacquer.

Maple: Interior on fire surrounds and free standing braining boards / Lacquer or natural. 

Wenge: Interior use on kitchen units, wardrobes etc / Lacquer.

Red Deal (Softwood, Pine): External and internal use on skirting boards, doors, windows, architraves etc / Stained and paint. 

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